Prepare Your Travel Blog Before Connect to Google Adsense

Now google adsense can be a supporter to our blog. This can't be denied and can be very helpful for the sustainability of aur travel blog. For that a travel blogger will be connecting will connect his travel blog with google andsense because of there a travel blogger earn additional income. If it is connected our travel blog will have ads. These ads will be the income.

Be like that is not easy. We must try to be that way. Because we know the cost to become a travel blogger is not cheap. Before connecting our blog, we must understand how that should be done.

Blog Travel at Least More Than Two Months
     For now google is very concerned which one blogs would diserve to get ads. So don't be hasty. Write articles on your blog as much as possible and qualified. If it's more than two months so you try to connecting with google adsense. For two months it travel blog must remain active by posting article relevant to our blog.

For as a note that the longer our blogs are active than the greater is to be accepted by google ads. So don't rush for that.

Articles must be Original
    Start your blog from a simple before it will develop into a professional blogger. Writing articles original is difficult but if you try to be sure because it all start from trying. I'm was write my journey just a try and share it in my blog. And now my travel blog already have ads like this.

Focus of article writting
       Don't be too obsessed to get ads because it is a bonus. Continue to focus on writting quality articles to get used to it. We know writting is the most boring activity but we can get used to it. So don't impose to directly become a professional article writer. Try to learn to write and write. Later the activity becomes a necessity.

Continue your journey and keep your spirit
       Because with traveling we will find new inspiration to write articles and this all is my passion. Cultivate in our minds to keep on thrist for knowledge and experiance. According to some people doing travelling only spend. But for me not for that! Because I think with travelling we can learn, discover something new, behave, and many other positive things that are gained. So vontinue your journey and keep spirit that.

Kelud mountain
In Kelud Mountain

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