Beauty of Mushroom Hill in Gresik

A hill shape like a mushroom was famous in gresik 2 years ago. It's shape that resembles a mushroom is the reason people around give the place a name of mushroom hill. This place is in the subdistrict bungah and not far from gresik city. For gresik city distance to mushroom hill about 15 km.

Beauty of mushroom  hill in gresik
Mushroom hill

Mushroom hill is a mine excavation that is no longer operating and formed thought natural processes. Of the natural process is a mountain that looks like a mushroom and we came here a second time. Had already visited the mushroom hill for the second time this place did't lose its beauty.

The beauty of mushroom hill in gresik is always visited by visitor but nit as crowded as before. Because to the mushroom hill can only use motorcycle and walking to the mining area.

Mushroom hill in gresik
Mushroom hill

Beauty of mushroom hill in gresik
Mushroom hiil
This mushroom hill is only in gresik and the only one. But the status of mushroom hill is privately owned. So is it not open to the public.

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