In Your Opinion About Travelling

Everyone's understanding and paradigm about travelling may not be same. This because it depand also on how he travelling? But in essence this word according to the meaning of language is a journey from on place to another place. Some people who consider travel activities as an activity that cost money is not smile and takes a lot of time. But other opinion of travelling is an activity that become their need because it has very large benefits.

In another opinion, travelling is about self satisfaction

In your opinion about travelling
Traveling is about self satisfaction
When you can travelling with your way without having to be with other people it is self satification. Such as travelling, some people will be willing to spend more money to be able to do it because according to their satisfaction itself is here. So don't be surprised if there are people who spend expensive for travelling. And experiance during travelling will be a special satisfaction when one day you tell a story again.

Travelling is about understanding about nature or your life

In your opinion about travelling
Is about understanding about nature or your life
      Every person who travels will know how to interact with nature and how about addressing life. Because when travelling we will show that what we do to nature will be the same as what nature does to us. So with travelling, nature will teach us about how to live this life.

Travelling is about enjoying your life

In your opinion about travelling
Is about enjoying your life
Enjoy your life even if it is just by reflecting on waiting for the day. That way you will feel every second is very precious. Like when we are travelling, every time it is very attention and don't get wasted. For that every moment that happens is a special and shoul be enjoyed.

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