Natural Beauty Places in Kelud and How to Get There

The natural beauty of Kelud mountain does't need to be asked anymore. It last erupted on February 13, 2014, destroying the lava dome and ejecting boulders stone and ashes up to west java. Although a few years ago eruptied again, mount kelud still show it's beauty. The vast expanse of trees and plants has been green again. As far as the eye can see, there is only the green mountain color combined with the blue color of the sky. Behind the beauty of mount kelud, this place still save a great power that one day can come out and cause the mountain erupted. Because until now the status of kelud mountain still active.

Natural Beauty places in kelud
Mount kelud Kediri
As one of the best natural attractions in Kediri, it is no wonder that his place becomes a tourist destination that is always crowded visitors. Every day Mount Kelud there must be visitors who come from the the region kediri or from outside Kediri. To find Mount Kelud is very easy, we can access it with gps or follow the road signs that are there. And the route to get to Mount Kelud can be from Blitar or Kediri.

Route from Blitar
     I don't recommed this route because it takes more time and energy to get to the top of Kelud Mountain. Imagine to reach to the top of kelud mountain we have to walk about 2 hours. That's why I don't advocate to pass the route from Blitar.

Second route from Kediri
     Different from the route blitar, to the road from which we can reach the creater lip just by walking a few minutes. Access is also very adequate and can be passed easly. Route can pass from Kediri, Pesantren, Wates Ngancar, Sugihwaras village and arrive at Mount Kelud.

Arriving at Kelud we will be spoiled with beautiful natural scenery like this.

Beauty place in kelud and how to get there
Mount Kelud Kediri

Beauty place in kediri and how to get there
Mount Kelud Kediri

Once again a beautiful places in Indonesia, Mount Kelud. One of the active volcano located in East Java precisely in Kediri and Blitar district.

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